Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter faves

1.) When mom told Cali (the husky stinker) to "put it here girlfriend" and Cali gave her a high 5.
2.) The coconut cream eggs covered in dark chocolate.
3.) When Rachel went to Goodwill 2 days in a row and found even more things the second day.
4.) Buying huge stuffed animals for Cali at Goodwill for awesome prices.
5.) The "forced" hike in the woods, during which mom spent the entire time searching for round rocks that Oma could paint.
6.) Finding easter baskets 30 feet in the air, rigged up by a pulley in trees (the easter bunny must have taken flying lessons this year).
7.) Going to Rita's (hopefully a new tradition) and eating GM crab cakes!
8.) The smell of the purple hyacinths my aunt brought for Oma.
9.) Finally getting my hair cut, and for free at that!
It's been a good weekend- now back to reality.

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