Thursday, April 10, 2008

The game

So Saturday was a sad night, if you live in NC. Because if you live in NC and you have half a brain, you HAVE to be a Tarheel fan (not a Duke and/or State fan- gross). Anyhow our men's team took on Kansas in the final four. The majority of my friends either couldn't watch the game or were screaming at the tv the whole time, because they were so horrified at what was happening. From the start we were down- by a lot. Kansas went on something like an 18-0 run. Finally we almost caught up and were only 5 points away; it was a huge comeback. But it slipped away again just as fast. Everyone was saying Roy needed to take a time out, to at least try to change the momentum- but he didn't. He, like coach Dean Smith, is extremely stingy with timeouts and likes to try to let the boys "figure it out." It almost worked I guess, but in the end Kansas came out on top.

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