Friday, February 8, 2008

A nook of our own

There are a few places in the woods that we have made our own, after seeing the original rock art. It's fun because other people see it, and don't know who does it. There is one huge fallen tree trunk, down by the stream that has a hole in it. We like to line the bottom of the opening with green moss and place little trinkets on it- sometimes flowers, sometimes marbles, or a little gnome we bring from the garden. Each time we visit we see if it is still the same. For a while we would find pennies left there- pretty neat. Other times people stole or broke the gnome figurines (so we stopped putting things like that in there). Another place we have left our mark is on the opposite side of the hill- after you cross the stream and head up. There was originally a path that was eroding too much, so now a new path snakes around the old one. On the old path there was a part loaded with interesting roots on the ground. My grandma has made that her own "collage." She has taken whatever "sea glass" she can find (glass bottles often get thrown into the river, the glass shatters, gets broken down and becomes a bit misty) and arranged it into a bit of a mosaic. Things have just expanded from there- there are now all sorts of little rocks around the perimeter. This is a picture we took of it.

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