Thursday, January 31, 2008


Gooseberries often times woke me up early on childhood mornings. Well, not the gooseberries themselves- more so my mother's demand that I pick them. First of all- let me just say...what a ridiculous name for a fruit. Nothing sounds less appetizing. There must not have been a brilliant marketing strategy behind that. It can go on the books right next to prunes, and all their advertising struggles. Anyhow, I remember one Saturday morning, my brother and I had an hour to pick all the remaining gooseberries off the bushes by the driveway. Meanwhile my mother was off "yardsale-ing" trying to find who knows what, for a good price. Now this picking was a daunting task not only because gooseberries are tiny and come in bunches of multiple beastly balls, but also because- there was no reward. They were not good to eat- like say strawberries (no wonder they are prohibited from being grown in certain places). At least you can make jam or yummy pies with strawberries. What's your favorite gooseberry recipe?

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