Monday, January 7, 2008

A new bag- a new way of life?

This year on Christmas morning all of my presents were waiting for me in the living room in a huge (we're talking 3 foot by 3 foot) white canvas bag, with bright green straps. The kind from LL Bean that every soccer mom and librarian across the country proudly carry (well before Vera Bradley existed- or maybe that's for the hipper crowd). Near the top of the bag, in the spot where initials would typically be monogrammed, was "LIVE GREEN."

And I figured, if even Santa had jumped on the live green train, maybe I should really dedicate myself as well. Who could possibly object to making the world a better place for themselves, their kids, and Rudolph?

While the presents within my canvas bag were wrapped with beautiful paper- it did get recycled. The real kicker is that my stuffed bag was sitting under a tree; a six foot gorgeous pine that had been chopped down to celebrate the occasion. I love the smell of pine, and it screams of merry Christmas' spent around the fire laughing and sharing with the ones I love- so I'm not complaining. I just thought it was mildly amusing.

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