Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rock Art

While hiking in the woods by my house, we often stumble upon rare finds. One day as we strolled across the bridge and down the peak of the hill I spotted a strange formation of rocks. Apparently someone, or multiple someones had taken the time to pile nearby rocks into a sort of art piece. Since that day I have encountered numerous rock arts- always a fun surprise to see as your eyes scour the landscape. They immediately stick out, because of their height or oddity- but they incorporate the nature so well that they don't destroy the setting at all. This is a picture of one of the earliest rock arts on a large rock by the waterfalls where we cross the stream. It's also cool because it's a bit mysterious- as I have never witnessed anyone putting these together. I like to think it about who it could be: a champion weight lifting beaver? or a bored grandpa? Maybe some day I will make my own. Will keep you posted on future finds...or masterpieces I create myself.


Anonymous said...

This should explain a little; not about who put them there, but maybe why.

the green goober said...

Wow- thanks for the great info! Maybe rocks are a cleverly crafted directional marker. Turns out: "Inuksuit are recognized around the world as an iconic Canadian symbol. The Inukshuk is also used as the symbol of the Summit of the Americas, because of its connotations of friendship and cooperation."