Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The smaller the better

I found an interesting tid bit on Seth's blog, "We just measured a Poland Spring bottle (the new design) and discovered it weighs precisely half of an empty Gatorade bottle."

I actually hadn't even considered factoring something like the amount of material used on the wrappers and containers for products I'm buying into my purchase decision at all. But after learning something like that, I've realized that in order to reduce my environmental footprint I had better scrutinize my purchases with a more wary eye.

I think we will see a greater trend towards "smaller" in our culture. Mini coopers are the first things that come to mind for some reason. We're trying to use less gas, weigh less pounds, have less stress, develop less trash- we should use a bottle that weighs less. Demand it- from Gatorade, from everyone.

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